Why Theoquest?

I started this blog (theoquest) with the thought in mind that all of life should be a journey directed at discovering God. How exciting, that first encounter (and every one after that)! Even if I grasped all there is to know about God and His love for humanity yesterday, He is still on the move today, and I still would need to learn more. God is still writing His story... and we have a place in it! We need to be seeking just what that place in History is. What are we here for?

Sometimes church people get to thinking and talking about other people, people outside the church. No one really wants to be called an outsider, so several decades ago, the church people started calling the other people 'seekers'. Seekers of truth, seekers of life, seekers of God... It was assumed that we, the church, had already found what the seekers were looking for and now it was up to us to find the best way to prove to the seekers that their search should end with us.

We do indeed have some answers to share, but sometimes I wonder if we're answering questions nobody's asking. Maybe it's time for us to be the seekers again, church. God is still writing His story and we are in it. We need to be seeking just what our place is in History. What are we here for?

As I share my thoughts here, I want to challenge the church (both young and old) to dig deeper into the heart of our Maker, to keep moving as we journey together, seeking to know Him. I want to urge the church to refuse to settle for a normal life and dare to live the extraordinary life that only Jesus lives.

I'd like to say I hope you enjoy the journey, but we have many other things to simply enjoy, so what I really hope is that my thoughts and words would prove useful to God as He seeks to draw us deeper in to who He is and who we can be. We haven't arrived yet... let's keep going.
Feel free to make generous use of the comments sections after each post - one of the greatest parts of any journey is the conversation that happens along the way. You can send me a message here and follow me on twitter as well @6drews

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