Friday, May 06, 2011

The Envelope Fundraiser

A few weeks ago, I had my students number 100 envelopes (1-100). We put the envelopes on a display board and explained to the church that they had a chance to help the students with the cost of registration for CIY Move this summer. We have a group of 15 going this year, so this will be a costly endeavor, so we need help. The intention is to take an envelope and donate that amount of money toward the trip as well as pray for the group.

I was hoping for a hundred people to get involved. Not just for the money's sake, but a hundred people to invest themselves in the lives of our students. I was hoping to be able to cover the cost of the trip with the fundraiser, but we're well short of that hope. I just finished totaling everything up and thought I'd share some quick stats.

100 envelopes available.
Gifts given in increments of $1 from $1 to $100.
35 envelopes taken.
30 envelopes returned (maybe the other 5 will still make it back).
$1746 given.

I'm really grateful for the 30 people who've given. God will use what you've given to build into the lives of these young kingdom workers. This is a great start to this summer's trip - please be praying and watch how God will provide for the rest. Let me know if you'd like to sponsor a student.
So, I need your opinion. This was the first time we'd done this type of fundraiser and I'm trying to evaluate whether it's worth doing again. About 30 people seemed to feel pretty good about it, but what about the rest? We raised way more money than we've raised with any other single fundraiser but one, but we were way short of the goal. So is this:
  1. a bad idea... If you fall that far short of the goal, it was a bad idea to start with.
  2. a good start... $1746 dollars is a great first step.
  3. a stupid way to raise money... Why would I want to just put some money in an envelope without the kids doing anything to earn it?
  4. a good idea... I just didn't have anything to give this time. We should do it again sometime & have the envelopes out longer.
  5. huh... What envelopes? I should show up more often 'cuz I don't even know what you're talking about Mike.
What's your vote?


  1. I agree with #2. Ours is one of the five that are 'making' its way back. So you only have 4 unaccounted for. :)

  2. I agree with #2 as well. As Michele said, we picked one up last Sunday and will return it this week. I think it is a good idea, but maybe it needed to be talked up a little more. I remember one announcement about it, but maybe keeping it fresh on everybody's minds would increase participation. Plan to have the envelopes available for a 'limited time' (3 or 4 weeks) with envelopes due back by a specific date. You could indicate the deadline in/on the envelopes and remind everyone any chance you get about the fundraiser.

  3. I thought this was a wonderful idea for several reasons- first, it does not require another block of time for busy schedules to squeeze in. I've always wanted to attend fundraisers but never get organized to get childcare, or it gets scrapped from my calendar for some other family priority. Second, it gives lots of people the opportunity to give regardless of their cash-flow situation. I would like some feedback from students to their church body after events though so we can see and hear what God is doing in their lives: Testify!!!

  4. Thanks for the great suggestions & feedback, guys - and thanks for all your support in so many ways.

    I've kind of been feeling the same, but it's good to hear other thoughts. This was a trial run and we'll probably do this type of fundraiser again at some point, with a little more specifics as far as a time table goes (like Jon's suggestion).

    Also, getting the feedback from students will be a priority Becky.


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