Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"a little boy that I don't even know..."

"I feel a love for a little boy that I don't even know." That phrase from the letter I shared a few days ago keeps bouncing around in my head.

It's just awesome to have God loving someone through you. I'm so glad to be able to watch Him do that in kids I also didn't even know, but have grown to love.

His love keeps spreading...


  1. This is a great way of spreading the truth about God's love...thank you theoquest.

  2. hey mike
    Really good stuff, been enjoying the blog. i couldn't agree more, just the other day one of the older ladies in our church who's husband is not a Christian told me that one of our youth kids here everytime she sees her makes sure to tell her she prays for her husband everyday to come to know Jesus. The love of young people is amazing.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Another thing that that last comment brought out, was interaction of generations.

    It's awesome when young people and old people tear down the walls that divide them in the church and love each other like that.


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