Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Where's one of these when you need them??

I have a mouse in my house! And another in my office! The office mouse has been elusive - finally being spotted just today.

The house mouse on the other hand has been brazenly traipsing about in our house. He ran right across my mother-in-law's feet (bare - which I'm told she thoroughly enjoyed!). He licked peanut butter off a trap without setting it off, got himself unstuck from 2 different glue traps, got the cheese off a trap which did snap but somehow missed... very irritating!

Maybe D-con will do the trick.

Shh... don't tell Reepicheep... or PETA


  1. Oh....dont worry mike we have some in SunMart too!!

  2. Hey Mike, this is Brian, I saw a shirt the other day that said P.E.T.A. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals and thought it was pretty funny. (just commenting on the mouse story)


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