Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Church Looks Like

This is what the church should be doing more of. It's exciting to read about this kind of passion for service.

Now, I'll admit, I don't know these people and I've never been to their town, but I've got to imagine that a church serving its community this way is making an impact. As much as I don't like how "externally focused" is becoming another buzzword bandwagon model for churches to jump on, I love the heart that this church has been planted with to observe, serve, and be in community with... its community. We in God's Kingdom should all be so externally focused.


  1. that's really cool, wish my church had done more stuff like that

  2. Me too, but it's not enough to just wish...

    We need to go and do.

    Don't wait for someone else to tell you how to serve, just find someone and serve.

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