Monday, November 23, 2009

Quit whining and get back to work.

My kids sometimes do this thing when they don't get what they want, where their voices raise in intensity and nasality... Tears may begin to form beneath the raised brow of protest... This is often followed by subjective objections like "but, he got to..." Yes, sometimes my kids whine. I hate it.

When my kids whine about something - they DO NOT get what they're wanting. End of discussion. There have often been times when I may have changed my initial response if they had calmly requested it with good reason. But even if the reason is good and their logic is sound, whining will not result in a positive outcome.

Whining is a pathetic attempt at emotional manipulation. I hate it. My kids are learning quickly of its futility (mostly). They're figuring out that whining will change an 'I don't think so' into a flat out 'no' quicker than a well placed shoe turns a hapless spider into a smudge on the sidewalk.

I wish to live in a whine free world. It starts at my house.

I also long for a church that has excised every whiny knee-jerk reaction and replaced it with selfless desire to please God together. Church is not about what I want or what I like - it's about the mission of God to reconnect humanity with Himself.

May we have love enough to quit whining.

May we have grace enough to keep loving whiners.

May we have courage enough to call people to stop whining and get back to work.


  1. But Mike, (I) don't like that topic for a sermon, and the music, do (I) have to listen. (I) can't get up that early. (I) can't talk in front of people. (I'm) afraid so and so might be there. (I)didn't get to set in (my) seat....... Ok! I'm done whining now. I'll get back to work.

  2. Sounds like somebody missed nap time...

    Or do you just need your binkie?

  3. My kids are either slow-learners or strong-willed.

    We've been responding with a 'NO GIVING IN' policy to Brielle's whining for about 3 years now, even resorting to "Brielle, when does this ever work?" Our latest tactic is that she may whine, so long as she is NOT in my presence or in earshot, which results in her being placed on the back porch until she is done. Trouble is that it is getting rather cold lately...

    Hopefully it will pay off sometime before CPS arrives at my door.


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