Thursday, May 26, 2011

Filter Bible Reading Challenge Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Filter, the 100 hour Bible reading challenge I've put up for my students. 100 hours in 100 days - reading the Bible for an hour each day. Why? Why would I ask my kids to trade a hundred hours of their summertime freedom to read the Bible?

It's because we need to hear God's voice. In a world of Biblical illiteracy, the church runs the risk of losing touch with our Maker. We have more translations and study resources than ever before, yet many Christians never read the Word beyond what's read to them on a Sunday morning. It's no wonder so many churches aren't actually making disciples.

But I think the church is poised for some amazing things that God will do through this next generation - if they can hear Him calling... Young people have some serious questions and some difficult issues with how the church seems to be functioning. But they often are beginning to take their faith very seriously, digging into those questions and issues for resolution. If they can learn to recognize His voice in their lives, God will use them to take the church to places we never dreamed we'd go. It will take a lot more than 100 hours, but it's a start.

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