Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Youth Ministry with Guys

I've had a series of articles posted lately over at YouthWorker Journal about ministry with guys:
     - The Risk of Discipleship - raising the risk level in youth ministry
     - Have Fun - making ministry enjoyable
     - What Did You Expect? - raising expectations of young people

In each of the articles, I've brought up some issues that I think is important in regards to working with boys in my own youth ministry: doing things that are risky, having fun, expecting great things from and for our students. These aren't necessarily the three most important things about boys ministry, but they've been among the first to come to mind. I'll be sharing more from these articles here on the blog at some point, as well as other thoughts from the rest of the series, but I also want to know what you've seen in ministry with boys.

What are the greatest successes and failures that you've seen or experienced in ministry with boys? Whether you're looking at it from the perspective of a student or parent or youth leader... what have you seen that's worked well and what have you seen that's flopped?

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