Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Just do it yourself!"

Easy for them to say. I've been to about every move-it-yourself and you-pack-we-drive website you can imagine the last couple days, getting quotes, or waiting for quotes, picking trailers and truck sizes (yes I'd like to super-size that, thank you very much). Moving is so much fun!

One company won't let me get a truck because the move is in-state. Never mind that it's on the opposite side of one of the longest states in the Union. If I was moving from DC to Maryland, there'd be no problem. But since every single one of the 485 miles that I'll be passing through at the suggested 45-mph-cuz-that's-what-the-sticker-on-the-trailer-says-in-your-mirror (right) is in one state -- no truck for you! Oh well.

Another company no longer does one-ways! Byproduct of fuel prices...

I guess it's not so bad... we don't have a place to unload yet anyway!

But I'll choose to look at the bright side - at least our house sold really, really fast and we still have 2 whole weeks before we have to leave! (umm... that is the bright side, I think.)


  1. Maybe you shouldn't move....maybe this is a sign mike:)just kidding-i guess if all else fails, just get emily, dakota, and josiah to carry their things and pull their own weight. :) again...only kidding

  2. I do think this is a sign that you aren't meant to move Mike.Maybe you should just find a new house in Auburn and stay here with us! HeHe. It sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Don't you think it sounds like a good plan? Well anyway I hope you find something soon and i'm praying for you and your family with this move in a couple of weeks.Don't forget what you tell me..... keep praying! It works wonders. hehe

  3. Ah, what you need is have others move you. 20 truckers and a dog and you're set. Or have you tried U-Haul, ryder, Enterprise btw?

  4. Just bat your eyes at everyone in Auburn that has a truck and ask them to move a load!!! ;)

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