Monday, October 17, 2005

Running on Empty

We have boxes all over the house getting packed. (still have to pack my office, too, before Thursday)

My last Sunday went well. I made it through both services and lunch and the annual meeting without melting into a blubbering mess. (The song of invitation was "Let the River Flow" - had to stipulate 'the river' is not our tears!) I baptized one of my guys, too so that was awesome. It's been great to see God pulling him out of his shell and closer to Him.

The concert last night went great. Then, I kind of 'crashed'. Started feeling terrible right after everyone was gone. (Even passed over the post concert Sonic visit with the band that we did last time, so you know I was out of it.)

Haven't slept enough the last couple weeks, so now I'm sick. Woke up this morning breathing through the pin-hole of space that is left open in my swollen throat. Went to the Dr. right away, cuz I guess that's a good thing to do when you can't take a breath without gagging.

Hopefully, it gets better soon, becase I am doing a funeral tomorrow afternoon for an 18 year old who was caught in a fire last week and the family deserves better than I can give today.


  1. It is when we are at our worst that God is at His best...Listen for the Spirit and "let the rivers flow"!

  2. Thanks Mike....I will never forget OCTOBER 16, 2005 when u baptized me hehe THANKS!!

  3. Hang in there Mike!

  4. Glad your last day went good. Allow yourself time to grieve, too, though. This has been your home for a long time! I know you will miss it as much as they miss you!

  5. Praying for you brother, i know what it's like to leave a place you love but God will bless you moving forward in His will.

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