Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Banquet Recap

I've never really been too big on celebrity.  The idea of a person being famous for being famous is really annoying.  I can understand being famous for doing something special or important, but I'm the last guy to go out of my way to see someone famous.  It drives me nuts when every conversation degenerates into breathless banter about the latest star.

So I wasn't as gaga-excited for last night's banquet with Bobby Bowden as some may have been.  I was impressed, though, that he had practice yesterday morning, flew from FL to NE to speak at a dinner for free, then flew back to catch a few hours sleep before another practice this morning.  And this is at like 79.  I also really liked that they brought out the fact that he's been married for 60 years - though, I'm not sure I would have gotten married on April Fool's Day!

Overall, it was a good night hanging out with some students, eating good food, hearing some nice stories with a great southern drawl.

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