Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unequivocally Me?

"If you can't speak your mind on your own blog, you might as well give up and stay on the porch." - Guy Kawasaki, quoted in The Blogging Church

I read this last night and it made me think of the way I've censored myself here on my blog.  I don't always speak my mind as clearly as I probably should.  I find myself backing out of things I think I should post because I might tick 'the wrong people' off.

Sorry I've done so much equivocating.

I'll quit.


  1. Go ahead. Make them mad!

    Have you read or heard anything by Rob Bell. He goes well with the comment you have posted below about yourself and how you don't think the church of today is all that it can be. I love his writing (but don't necessary always agree). It's worth looking into. Especially the book, "Velvet Elvis".

  2. Thanks Skye. Not that I want to go around making people mad, but sometimes I'm too careful to not offend.


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