Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evidence that God has a sense of humor...

After posting yesterday about the ineffictiveness of cold-call evangelism - this morning at a garage sale I was given a tract by a nice elderly gentleman asking "where will you go if you die tonight" and quoting Joseph Stalin to tell me why I should honor my country. (Though I suspect something's been lost in translation because some of the language was very un-Stalin-esque.)

Later this morning, some a kind group of ladies from the Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door and gave me a sheet of paper telling me how I can be ready for the end of the world - and to invite me to a JW conference in Loveland. It's held at the Budweiser Arena... umm... yeah.

Heading out now for the Gering Arts Festival. Lots of crowds, so I'm hoping for the stranger danger trifecta!.


  1. haha let me know if you're considering that JW conference... i'll meet ya there

  2. Why, you looking for someone to call "my wife"?

    I'll let you know...


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