Monday, June 01, 2009

Faking a Living?

Is God at work in your life?
Do you really depend on God?
Are you living the life God knows you can live?

These are questions we may not wrestle with enough. We've settled into lesser lives, in which we are sufficient and we don't really need God. Think about the last six hours... What have you done that required you to depend on God? What are you working on that is doomed to fail without Him? Have you settled for a mundane 5 day work week that you must slog through until the next weekend comes around?

I know in a climate of uncertainty, the most plentiful advice may be to take any job that comes along and hold on tight. There may be times when that is true, but if the overall trajectory of your life is merely a 5 on, 2 off pattern of faking a living, I wonder if you're really living at all... If you can make it day after day after day without the Creator - you've missed the life He created you to live.

But this isn't really about jobs. There are times when I can approach my job in ministry in the same way that masses of humanity approach theirs - punch the time clock, meet my quota of widgets, and collect the check. Though I don't actually have a time clock, the widgets are NEVER done, and I'm told the check leaves something to be desired (though it's been 10 years and I haven't missed a meal yet). The job isn't the issue.
It's about living life that is really life. God created us for life with Him, Jesus died so we could live life with Him, the Holy Spirit is here so we can live with Him - so wouldn't it make sense if we actually lived WITH HIM? In the little world where I pretend I'm in control, God's not needed. The problem is that world is not real, it's boring, and when I stuff myself away in my little safe room I am doing nothing good for anybody else. Life isn't supposed to be boring. It's not supposed to be well managed and balanced. The day to day business of living isn't supposed to suck the very life from your soul. Life should be a mission straight into the heart of God - a rescue mission where former captives become rescuers.

Father forgive our dim vision and reveal to us a task with such enormity that it drives us to our knees begging for your help.

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