Thursday, July 02, 2009

Random? or not so much?

"What we might think of as a random outreach is anything but random when God is guiding it." - Dino Rizzo

This quote from Servolution is perfect for our upcoming coldwater mission. We are going to draw a direction or maybe spin a compass or something to "randomly" choose a direction. Then we'll pull a number out of a hat to "randomly" choose a distance. We'll drive. We'll pray. We'll serve. We are going to have to trust God to guide us to the people and places that need us. And that is where the randomness is anything but random. God is already at work in each of the places we'll go. Like a matching set of magnets, He is already working to draw together the capacity of our group and the needs of the people and communities we'll visit.

There was pretty good feedback from the meeting last night and I'm really looking forward to the group taking shape. I want to make sure that God is putting this team together and praying that He will convince each person He wants to come. No coercion, no manipulation - just an invitation to join God in His mission to restore humanity to His Kingdom.

Student ministry always has had an air of flexibility for me. There's always been an extent to which I've just had to roll with the tide and change plans quickly when needed. Honestly, that's one of the most attractive aspects of youth ministry for me. But nothing I've ever done in youth ministry has ever felt or seemed as "random" as this. Nothing has had more potential to allow us to see beauty birthed from chaos so immediately and tangibly.

I hope you'll join us in praying for coldwater - above all, that God is guiding and that we are following. May we see Him in whatever random chaos we jump into!

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