Wednesday, March 02, 2011

3 Quick & Easy Strategies to Avoid What You Need To Be Doing

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I started this post yesterday while I should have been finishing off a paper that was due last night.
I should be writing a paper right now. I planned to have it done two hours ago, but our staff meeting was canceled, so my afternoon just blew wide open. So, instead of sticking with that deadline, I've been organizing my inbox, reading some articles, returning messages and overdue library books, thinking about some Scripture passages... (I made the overdue library books part up, besides, if you wait until Wed. here you don't have to pay the late fee!) And now, I'm posting some thoughts about the avoidance strategies that I often employ to keep from doing the one thing I should be doing.

  • Do something useful that's not really that useful. For example, it's always nice to have the children's books alphabetized and cordoned off into their appropriate sections. Who can stand it when the Golden Books get mixed in with the Kidz Lit Classics, right? So, instead of fixing that flat tire that has your wife stranded at home, you could tackle the munchkin section of your home library. At my house, that's a solid 4 hour project, minimum. And by the time it's done, it's too late to start something new...
  • Distract the Tasker. Someone needs something from you. You know the request is coming. They're about to ask. So you speak up right before they say something and get them engaged in some other conversation with so many rabbit trails, they're hopelessly lost and forgot to ask before you send them on their way. Good work.
  • Hide. Again, you know someone's coming. The boss finally remembered what he was going to ask you yesterday and you find out he's on his way. But what if you're not in when he gets there? What if... hang on, someone's coming...

Sometimes, when it really comes down to it, though... just do what needs done and get it over with.

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