Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kota's Online Adventure

A couple days ago, I heard a sound from the kitchen (where the computer sits in our house) that seemed a little out of place. LuAnn and I were watching something in the living room, 3 of the kids were downstairs, and Kota was in the kitchen on the computer. He's always been the one the other kids go to for electronic assistance, so he's pretty proficient when it comes to finding his way from one online game site to another. He also knows how to find his way to other stuff, as well...

What I was hearing was certainly not the sound of a game. As I walked into the kitchen, I could plainly see that he wasn't playing anything - he just sat there staring, mesmerized by the dancing pixels on the monitor, mouth slightly open, eyes fixed and dilated (ok, maybe not dilated, but at least wide open). I could see the YouTube logo in the corner of the screen... "Uh-oh... what's he staring at... awkward conversation on the way... what did he stumble into..."


He was impressed.

So am I.

We raise geeks at our house.

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  1. something about seeing a girl my nephew's age make me look like a piano playing monkey kinda hurts deep inside....but at the same time...that's awesome! lol and yes, Kota is definitely one of us Andrews geeks : )


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