Thursday, March 03, 2011

5 Signs Your Creative Problem Solving Efforts Have Failed

Problems beg to be solved. Sometimes, the solution is obvious - other times... not so much. So we start thinking, imagining, tinkering. We get creative.

Unfortunately, there are days when creative solutions just flat out fail. Here's how to tell if your creative solution is probably going to fail (or already did).
  1. The gathering crowd seems to sense impending doom as you implement your strategy.
  2. The solution involves half a ton of dynamite and a consensus of city officials & the highway department.
  3. Police are called in to cordon off a safe zone before you can act.
  4. The problem is still there when you're done. Doh!
  5. The problem is worse when you're done. Duh.

HT to Sheldon Shires for bringing this stunning bit of creative thinking to my attention.

Bonus Signs
If either of these phrases could possibly be uttered as a result of the implementation of your tactics:
     "Bits of whale rain across the beach."
     "Over a quarter mile away, a massive chunk of blubber has flattened the roof of a brand new Cadillac..."

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