Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

I had a nice, relaxing Father's Day yesterday. I love being a dad. Our youngest son climbed out/fell out of his crib after nap time, so we pulled out the old toddler bed. Our 3 yr. old son fell in the toilet while playing in the sink, so I threw him in the tub - he hadn't flushed yet! Our daughter actually had a fairly benign day with no major melt-downs.

My wife and I wondered what we did before we had kids. I said homework and quick trips to Estes Park... But I understand a little more fully, the love of God for His children - now that I have my own.

I love the kids in my youth ministry. I pray for them and would do just about anything to see them loving God more completely. But nothing compares to the way I feel about my own kids. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them. To see them passionately pursuing their God given ministry will be more joy to me than anything I can imagine.

I thank God for the Godly father he provided for me. I pray I'll follow the example he has been for my brothers and me, of a man pursuing His Father as he leads his family through the unknown.


  1. Your kids are pretty lucky to have a father like you. Thanks for everythign you do for us at the church. You're been a great role model. In Him, Jeni.

  2. accquest,

    Thanks for the comment on my site. I hope you have a great visit to Colorado. Look me up if you need anything while you're here.

    Breathe fire,



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