Monday, September 26, 2005

Third time's a...

My computer's frozen up 3 times this morning trying to post this so this'll be the brief version.

This weekend, I went with several volunteer leaders to CIY's Priority 22 led by Gary Zustiak (from whom I also took a course at seminary).
NCC continues to move closer to relocation to the Omaha site (clearing ground, putting in road, and very importantly... leveling the soccer field). There are some construction pictures on their site.
I recently had an article called What Youth Ministers Really Want published in the Christian Standard. I hope it doesn't come across with too negative a tone. I didn't mean it to, but in the editing process, I'm afraid they may have colored it a little more bleakly than I intended.


  1. Hey Mike,
    Congratulations on getting published. The couple I have sent out so far haven't fared as well. I will have to check out the article. Good work!

  2. Hey, I read that article last week when the church got our Christian Standard. I liked the article, didn't sense any negative tones. I thought it was honest and real - good words man.

  3. I actually liked the article. What I'm frustrated with is the way the Restoration movement and Standard ignores the great things happening in Youth Ministry ...when was the last time they had reports on CIY, Jr. High Believe, Camps etc?

    Oh well ...

  4. Thanks guys...

    gman - I share that bit of frustration. I would love to see something similar to the 'christian college' issue each year that features various national and regional youth ministries (like the ones you've mentioned). I wonder if there are enough of us who would contribute to such an issue? People (especially leaders who typically read Standard) do need to know what God is doing in the students.

  5. Amen. Though some of us have turned to blogging though. (BTW thanks for commenting on my blog - trying to get rid of some spammers and accidently deleted a comment of yours - no offense.
    Thus turned on Word verification today.


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