Friday, September 02, 2005

You've Done it Unto Me...

Seeing the devastation in the wake of the hurricane... I feel so sheltered. So privileged to live in this country where we can take so much for granted. And so obliged to NOT take anything for granted.

As I watch the news, I want to help in some way. There are so many options. Red Cross is taking donations... pretty much everywhere. Our local volunteer firemen have been standing at the main intersection in town taking donations. A church planting group called Stadia which has recently helped to birth a church in New Orleans (Journey Christian Church) is taking donations to help. (They have also produced a short video that can be downloaded from their site and used in your church's services.) Our church just set up a hurricane relief fund that will be used to funnel relief money to IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service).

I know that throwing money at this is not the end-game solution to this problem. But it is something that we all can do. Now. Find a way to help. Make a sacrifice so that you can help. As we hear news reports of frustration at the slow turning wheels of government, let's make stories of the Body of Christ swiftly rising up to assist the orphans and widows.

God, let the people who've suffered most in this devastation see Your love as Your people help them.


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  2. and welcome to the world of s p a m comments.

  3. ahhh..... so sorry. It happened to me one time on my blogger site but not since.

    Nice post....

  4. I know what you mean. I sit here and watch CNN and there nothing I can do? Tossing money into a bucket just doesn't seem like enough. Maybe we should meet in Oklahoma and go help! Maybe there's only one thing we can do..."If God's people would humble themselves, turn from their evil ways and pray...."


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