Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What If?

I found this post on another blog that really struck a chord. I've often found myself in similar situations with strangers. I know that I could be (and have been) taken advantage of, maybe even in danger and not known about it. But I always wonder, "What if I don't help? What if I'm the last straw for this person? What if the roles were reversed?"

I'm glad to see someone else thinks that way too. Check out the post at reflections of me.

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  1. all the time - all the time it happens to me, but I am a single female and I can't let a guy in my car, but I CAN call a guy who can drive the person.

    Lots of people think I'm nuts. I intentionally step out of the church, out of my insulated environment and VOILA, God places tons of opportunities in front of me!

    We are very blessed that our Lord cares enough for the lost and trusts us enough that he keeps moving them into our paths!


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