Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't run away from me...

Lizzy is 2.  Very 2.  She has a stubbornness that I suppose we have to blame on genetics: it seems to be a dominant trait all the way around in our household!  Lately, she's testing the limits of her own free will and figuring out how that plays into relationships within the family...  "I CAN say no to Siah - I CANNOT say no to Daddy."

Yesterday, she had told me "NO" very emphatically when I told her to do something, then immediately realized her stubbornness had very deep roots - in me.  She knew she was in trouble before I said anything else, so she ran.  (Actually, this scenario played out a couple times yesterday.)

As she recovered from her *cough, cough* reprimand, I brought her face close to mine and said "Lizzie, when you know you're in trouble, don't run away from me."

Immediately, I wondered how often God has longed to pull me close and tell me to stop running...  How often do we hide from God as we struggle with trouble that only He is able to handle?  Burying ourselves in work or play or even relationships that let us distract ourselves from the Truth that is waiting for us... Let's stop repeating the folly of Adam and Eve, hiding in the garden, and run to our Father, who is more than able to correct us, heal us, and rebuild us for service in His Kingdom.

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