Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Movies...

Friday night, while my dad was in town, we headed to the theater to see Star Trek...  One of the first movie-memories I have is of going to "The Wrath of Khan" with my dad, so this was a little bit of nostalgia to witness the launching of what will presumably be another generation of the franchise.  Unfortunately, the tickets were sold down to 1, so we went to Wolverine instead.

I couldn't help but think of my own brother as I watched the drama unfold between Victor and Logan.  Especially with lines like, "No one kills you but me."  Growing up, my brother and I fought like crazy, but if either of us was ever 'in trouble' we always defended each other.  I got in more fights defending my brother than about anything else in our earlier school days.  He was small (as was I) which made him an easy target, but had a mouth that wouldn't back down.  I often found my brother face to chest with some bully that he wouldn't cower to, or some perceived enemy that he'd slighted.  I was always compelled to come to his side and de-escalate the situation - often verbally, but sometimes we just had to smack some sense into those other guys!  I wish it was still that simple.  I still know, though, that my brother and I (as well as the third of the trio who came a little too late to fight with) would still stand up for each other in any given situation.

Anyway, the movie was pretty good despite a few lines that felt really awkward.  I expected the comic book dialogue, but a couple times I just wondered which writer let his 5 year old write the lines...

Sunday brought better luck.  A friend and I ditched our wives and kids on Mother's Day to go see the new Star Trek (which unexpectedly had some great maternal moments).  [Before I am castigated too intensely, I'll just say that our wives got together and hung out at our house and had no problem whatsoever with being without us for a couple hours - BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR WIVES AND APPRECIATE THEM ALL YEAR LONG.]

I really liked Star Trek and hope it is only the beginning of another incarnation of the bold exploration of humanity and our place in the universe in the face of uncertainty.  It's still a great story, and this rendition is well told.  I don't want to ruin anything, but I love the thought that runs throughout the film: "I don't believe in a no-win situation."  Faced with their own mortality and great peril, the crew is forced, time and again to find solutions - sometimes impetuously, sometimes with pure logic.  But because Kirk refuses to give up - great things happen.

It's interesting to think of how a leader gathers his tribe, and sets course into 'strange new worlds'.  It leaves me asking, who is my tribe?  What makes me worth following?  And where am I leading them?

After helping a friend move a couple large items into an apartment, I spent a couple hours watching "Bedtime Story" with LuAnn.  She had already watched it with the kids, but I hadn't got to see it yet.  It was pretty much hilarious - all the way through - and another reminder that convention isn't always the best way to where you really want to be.

I haven't been watching many movies lately, but went 3 for 3 this weekend!

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