Monday, February 14, 2011


Love Is In Action!
Since today's the day of love... I just thought it was a good time to post a link to my friends Tory & Kara of 3:18 Ministries.

The Satters are a family that live out 1 John 3:18 as well as anyone I know. Just in case you're not familiar with that verse, it's the one where John told early Christians (and us) to not just keep saying we love each other, but to actually do something that shows it.

John didn't have pajama-grams and roses in mind (though, who doesn't like a good set of footy-PJs?). 3:18 Ministries is all about putting love into action in the San Carlos/Globe area of AZ. Check out the link to 3:18 and see what God's been doing. Pray for the Satters today as they bring hope where there is little of it. (And maybe send them a box of chocolates, too!)

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