Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sticks & Chisels 2.1

Yesterday, the groundhog saw no shadow on a day when a huge majority of our country is frozen solid, so we all look forward to an early Spring. Doesn't really seem connected to me, but... whatever.

Today, I took a looked back into the shadows of this blog and found some of my favorites listed among the most visited posts here over the last 6 or 7 months. Not sure what it all means for tomorrow's weather, but at least we're above zero.

#10  Humility of a Half-Marathoner - Some humble, post-race reflection after the CO half marathon. I can't even remember the pain anymore, but man that was fun!

  #8  Dear Youth Minister... - This is why I don't quit - and I'm glad to be hearing outside this blog how this has been an encouragement to youth workers I'd never have had the opportunity to encourage otherwise.

  #7  A Question Regarding a Church Planting Mindset - Eric Bryant sparked a thought in me that hasn't gone away. What if we were planting a church with a team as big as our current congregation and with the same budget? I'd love to have you go back and check this one out and dream together in the comments section, especially if you're from WestWay...

  #4  Help Us Help Haiti - An invitation to a concert we hosted to benefit the earthquake relief efforts in Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. There is still so much to be done...

  #1  Leaders Who Don't Know What to Do - An admission that sometimes, we just don't know what to do - and that puts us in pretty good company, and causes us to depend on Someone who does know what to do. This one got picked up by YouthWorker (the online home of YouthWorker Journal) for their blog section, which bumped it up from sixth (or so) to first.

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