Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Speculate!

It was pretty cool to see Trevor Bayne win the Daytona 500 Sunday. He seems like a great guy - and I love seeing young people succeed like he did. He's only 20 years old and he just won the biggest race in NASCAR.

I heard an interview after the race where Bayne was asked what he was going to do with the money (almost $1.5 million). His gut level, first response? "Give it all away, man." You can call that short sighted and naive if you want, but it's awesome to see someone whose first response to money is to use it to help someone else. He went on to mention some missionary friends in Mexico, and I've seen several comments from other NASCAR guys online about him helping 'orphans and poor people' and stuff. I love that.

It doesn't take a million dollars to be known for helping people. All it takes is a mentality that values people more than things. All it takes is for me to recognize a need that is deeper and more important than my desire for another cheeseburger/nicer car/bigger house... and a willingness to use what I have for the benefit of another.
courtesy: leonardini via sxc.hu
But it is fun to speculate. I can't say for certain, but here are a few things that I think I'd make priorities:
  • Pay off our house. - and pay someone to finish all the remodeling projects that keep stacking up.
  • Pay off someone else's house... anonymously. That would just be awesome! Can you imagine getting a letter from your mortgage company telling you that you had no more house payments because "Jesus just took care of it." No further explanation... no strings attached... just PAID IN FULL.
  • Help The Sparrow's Nest take flight. I love what this new ministry in St. Louis is doing. Maybe I could payoff their house, too!
  • Buy a car that doesn't require duct tape (see yesterday's post). Maybe even a purple mini-van for my crazy wife! (I'm not letting her pay someone to paint our house purple, though!)
  • Help resource a certain young church I know of in Laramie and a ministry in Arizona that are both breaking some exciting ground as they work to reveal the kingdom of hope.
  • Get some new boots - my cleats are shot and it's almost time to get outside and kick some balls around!
  • Buy the empty Wal-Mart building in town and turn it into a sweet youth center. Indoor soccer field, climbing wall, and all kinds of teenage awesomeness... I'm probably going to need your million dollar winnings, too for this one... let's get on that.
So - if you suddenly found yourself with a million dollars, what do you think you'd do?


  1. I wonder why we get all excited when we come across a bit of money saying 'Finally I will be able to pay off...' whatever. House, cars, credit cards, whatever. I believe God blesses us with financial gain for the purpose of blessing others. We really don't need the money, it would just make our lives easier if we could pay off the house. But we would pay if off even if we didn't get the money, so why not give it to someone or something that really needs it! Thanks for the post Mike!

  2. I was just impressed with the thought that a 20 year old millionaire's first reaction would be to give it away. But if we're not generous when we have little, we're not going to be generous if we have a lot, either.

  3. Agreed. And I have to look to myself on that and ask if I am doin what I'm preaching. I wonder if I would do what he is doin if I were in his shoes.


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