Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sticks & Chisels 1.4

Aggregate is a pretty versatile word. Noun, adjective, verb. Aggregate hits the cycle. Aggregate is like a Swiss Army knife of a word - maybe not the one with everything, but at least the one with the micro scissors and a the toothpick in the side. Aggregate has a lot going for it. According to our friends at Merriam-Webster to aggregate is to collect or gather into a mass or whole.

One of my favorite apps so far in my iPad experimentation, flipboard, is essentially an aggregator of selected RSS, twitter, & facebook feeds. I like how it takes a lot of information, photos, videos, articles, etc. and puts them all into one magazine-like digital space. It occurs to me that we're all aggregators - we all gather information, experiences, people, and stuff. Every day, something new is brought into the cluster of my life (and yours). I want to make sure that whatever the raw material is that I'm gathering, I am also faithfully caring for whatever God has seen fit to allow into my life.

  • What have you been aggregating lately? What kinds of people and attitudes have you been gathering & clustering around you and influencing? 
  • Into what have you been aggregated? What bodies or groups are you a part of that are influencing you? 
  • What kinds of ideas are you aggregating (and curating)?


  1. I'm trying to go at this nonprofit/ministry adventure I am on from a small business owner's perspective. The problem is I'm not very business oriented. So I've been stalking successful business types in the metro area, sending them cards and emails, and sitting down for coffee with them to learn the secrets of their success. I think I make them a little uncomfortable with my somewhat creative bent on life but it's working out good for me. Lots of coffee and free education.

  2. Sounds like a good approach to establish a much needed ministry.

  3. so far hanging out with my studious white wate attending friends every week at village Inn has been one of the most influential and spiritually educational times of my life...I feel like I'm finally focused on putting myself in a place where I am able to aggregate the spiritual growth God supplies

  4. It's amazing what God teaches His people THROUGH His people and His Word...


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