Monday, August 17, 2009

coldwater journal entry

Since I wasn't able to post updates here too often last week, I thought I'd share some thoughts about the mission trip to start this week. I'll start with a modified journal entry from Tuesday that sums up the first days of our trip.
It's been a great trip so far. We started off Monday morning spinning Southeast and drawing 144. We headed out through Bridgeport and had a tire blow out near Lake McConaughy. Only took 12 minutes to change - not NASCAR, but pretty good! We stopped in Ogallala and got a new tire and went and had lunch in Carrie's (my sister-in-law) yard. Got back onto the road and finished the driving portion of the day in Grant, NE
(mile 144 was right at the entrance to the golf course on the edge of town).

We drove around for a couple minutes and stopped at a park and divided into 3 groups to cover the town. (We prayer walked the town looking for some ways to serve.) The population of Grant is about 1200 or so, so we can walk the whole town. Two of the groups noticed the building of New Life Fellowship Church. I went inside and poked around a bit, but didn't find anyone there. We were attracted by the sign that asked? "Are you listening for God to speak to you?"
[As a rule, I hate church signs with their cute little sayings that no one outside the initiated really get, but this one was great.] Kim's group was near the same church building later and met the pastor (Vince) who knew of someone in the historical society (Brenda) that might need some help.

They are restoring a house to be a museum - so we ended up scraping wallpaper for them. I hate scraping wallpaper. (The house was a lot like the parsonage we lived in when we first started in ministry. It, too was covered with wallpaper. I hate scraping wallpaper so much that I just painted over it there!) I am just too much of a perfectionist to feel like I'm making any progress. My perfectionism can cripple me, but it can also help me do things well - I may have been moving slowly, but my section was CLEAN.

It was awesome to see Brenda (from the historical society) and Vince's reactions. Vince and his wife made us dinner and are making plans to help with the project. Brenda has been grateful for the help and also the attention that's been drawn to the museum's need for help (she bought us lunch the next day). The paper came to take some pictures and word spread around town.

We finished up two rooms, then visited the pool Tuesday afternoon. After cleaning up, we went back to the gas station for supper (yes, I said "gas station for supper") then went around town and took a few pictures and hung out at a local youth center. It was a pretty cool place and really makes me wonder what kind of response and impact we could have at WestWay with that type of approach to youth ministry...
In defense of his prior actions, Andrew gave us the quote of the week Tuesday night: "I only threw up because I ate a dog biscuit." Security camera video of "the incident" was simply incredible! You haven't lived until you've seen a kid toss his dog biscuit via closed circuit video... Thank you In and Out night shift!

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