Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coldwater Update

Hi. Sorry for the lack of prior updates. Wi-fi wasn't to be found by my laptop and Verizon and Blogger apparently don't speak the same language! (The last update was sent to my blog via my phone.)

The trip has gone really well. Grant was a nice little town and we stayed busy. I'll post more later, but right now I'm in the McCook library while the group is making sandwiches in the park across the street (which has the most awesome playset I've ever had the pleasure of climbing over!). We're on our way East, with about 160 miles to go today - we decided last night to draw again this morning and ended up with 257 miles and East-southeast. I'll let you know where we end up via twitter updates (which appear on the left bar of this screen - or you can follow @6drews on twitter, itself). Just for the record, we all liked Grant - as evidence by the zero, and 1/2 distances that we put in the cup (I had the students write down a number and stick it in a cup for today's distance) - we'll miss you Grant...

Time to hit the road. Keep praying for safe travel, and also for a student who's having a hard time back home right now, and for Randy and Tessa and their family (who were not able to make it to join us today because of a death in the family). Thanks.

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