Sunday, August 09, 2009

Last minute thoughts before coldwater

Some quick, parting thoughts before I go...

-I hate packing.

-What kind of rational human being packs up for a week long youth ministry road trip without any idea where he'll be going? (If you just read that and thought "rational people don't go on youth ministry trips of any kind", you should stop seeing this young generation as trouble and get to know them - they will amaze you!)

-What kind of parents let their kids take a week long road trip without any idea where they'll be going? (Thank you parents for being awesome, God seeking individuals, for praying your kids will be the same, and for trusting me with them for this week!)

-I forgot towels. (I always forget towels!)

-I don't know why we don't have video monitors and couches in the lobby yet.

-Glad I remembered towels before we left.

-I hope it doesn't rain and soak the tents on the first day out!

-Praying for God to use this time to strengthen His Kingdom - within our group and within the communities we visit and homes we work in.

-I hate cold showers.

-Cash for clunkers is a stupid name for a stupid program... and I wish I had ten thousand dollars sitting around so I could replace my 4runner with a brand new Avenger without having car payments again - thanks to Chrysler's doubling of the gov money. Does that make me a bad person?

-I may be certifiably insane.... Dad???

-Should've made t-shirts (about coldwater, not about being crazy)

-Can't wait to see what God is going to do this week!!!

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